Beautiful Lawns, Naturally

Premium Organic is a Landscape Maintenance and Enhancement business located in the heart of WNC.. Asheville, NC. We apply our knowledge in proper horticultural practices and organic landscape management to any property, large or small. Your home or business, attention to detail is our priority. Our organic approach to turf management is unrivaled, even by competitors still using synthetics. We strive to only employ fuel efficient or alternative fuel equipment, ranging from fuel injected mowers to 4 stroke handhelds. Whether it be a HOA community, Town home complex, common area, or your personal residence we have an environmentally friendly solution for you!


Landscape Maintenance, the specialty of Premium Organic

Each time Premium Organic enters a property each shrub and tree is taken note of. The health of each and every planting on the property is our responsibility, we plan to keep them in the best condition they have ever been in.


From start to finish, we will be there

Although concentrating mainly on the maintenance of all beautiful spaces, we also create them. We work with some of the best designers in the business to help you visualize your creation. Using some of the most wonderful plant material, years of expertise, and some of the best equipment made Premium Organic will put the design in motion. Dry stone walls to raised beds, the possibilities are endless.

Ice Control

Snow and Ice, dangerous and inconvenient

Snow and Ice management in the form of liquid magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. Environmentally friendly solutions for even the largest of clients. We will apply a brine solution which is effective down to -25 degrees before the snow or ice event is scheduled, to give you piece of mind.


"Andrew and the team at Premium Organic has shown themselves hard workers and highly capable groundskeepers with the excellent work they did for us maintaining our Parkways in North Asheville."

Mike Nery, Lake View Park Commissioner

"Andrew and his crew have been working for us for over 9 years and have been very reliable, professional, and easy to work with. They always do a great job and we would highly recommend them!"